Partners and Projects in India

Below are the descriptions of the partners and projects that OTM is working with in India:

1-Apne Aap (New Delhi)- Project- 3 L’s Program, Facebook-
Apne Aap’s mission is to increase choices for at risk girls and women in order to guarantee access to their rights and deter the purchase of sex through policy and social change. Apne Aap organizes small groups of women and girls who are at the risk of, or are affected by trafficking into self-empowerment groups in their program area to access three fundamental rights- education, sustainable and dignified livelihood and legal empowerment as per our 3L model (Livelihood, Legal and Literacy). Self-empowerment groups meet in local safe spaces which offer community classrooms, vocational training units and legal education. Founded in 2002, over 10,000 women and girls are impacted through the programs offered by Apne Aap. – funds raised from the 2012 Global Seva Challenge will help support the group’s 3L Advocacy Program-where women and girls acquire valuable resources to survive.

2-Sanlaap (Kolkata, India )- Project- Rehabilitation
OTM will provide grant money to open a new Sanlaap Center for 25 girls that have been rescued from red light districts. There are already 4 shelters in existence with 250 girls. The center will have sustainable development measures such as green roof container gardens to grow food for the shelter, as well as a rainwater canopy to collect and provide clean drinking water for the shelter. OTM will pay for labor and materials.

3- Made By Survivors- Project- Employment Center Expansion
Website-, Facebook-
OTM will provide grant money to train and employ over 60 survivors of sex slavery as artisan Goldsmiths in Kolkata and Mumbai. Made by Survivors has proven to be a successful model and is currently in partnership with 10 charities, including Sanlaap, Apne Aap, Rescue Foundation and Women’s Interlink Foundation. They work with shelters and rescue organizations worldwide providing education, job training and job opportunities for survivors and their children. OTM is asking for an independent center to train 40 new women from 3-5 different shelters.

4- Clean Himalaya (Rishikesh India)- Project- Waste Management
Clean Himalaya works to preserve the sanctity, beauty and cleanliness of the Ganges and Himalayas. Their objectives are to develop a comprehensive and holistic waste management program which protects people, animals and the environment, and to reduce the impact of global warming. OTM will suppor tthe building of a compost machine and a place to house it, which will make the environment cleaner and safer for the communities surrounding the Ganges and Himalayas.

5- Kolkata Sanved (Kolkata India)- Project- DMT and Center of Excellence
Website- , Facebook-
Kolkata Sanved was founded in 2004 on the belief that body movement, when used sensitively, could become a powerful tool for rehabilitation and advocacy. This tool transforms young victims of sexual abuse from being a “rehabilitative victim” to a “proactive advocate”- someone who has made peace within her violated soul and is now ready to voice her concerns through physical movement. Kolkata Sanved’s self generated curriculum trains survivors to become peer educators, advocates, trainers and performers, enabling them to lead a life with dignity and respect.
OTM will provide grant money to support the Dance Movement Therapy Program (DMT) and help build a center of excellence.

6- Ramana’s Garden (Rishikesh India)- Project –Rural Develolment Assistance Program
Website- Facebook-
Ramana’s Garden is a grassroots rural development assistance project to help empower women and children living in remote mountain villages in India. They have assisted over 1,00 children in 68 villages and have provided medical assistance to entire communities. The project assistance program includes education, health care, organic farmimg, womens’s vocational training, and environmental conservation and reforestation. They currently have an orphanage housing 64 children, a school providing 189 children with an education, a feeding program for 800 children, and women’s weaving opportunities. OTM funds will support the construction of a new study space for the children.

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