Three months after returning home from my trip to India. I still find myself in a space of deep reflection and contemplation of all I experienced there. One thing is for sure, I struggle mightily to get back to my “normal” self and routines. The question that I ponder continually  is  “can i ever be the same after this experience ?” I am not sure what “normal” is, but I have reached the conclusion that I have a new and different “normal” than I did before I boarded that airplane to India.

I have also concluded that for me to return to “normal” or life as usual would be incredibly “abnormal”

Spending entire days with innocent children, who at a very young age have been raped, beaten tortured and other unimaginable acts should NEVER be forgotten. I for one can not.

It has become abundantly clear to me that this is what a “calling” is. This is MY CALLING, and I have no choice but to answer it.

As I sit here and write this, my eyes well up with tears. All experiences and memories indelibly seared into my consciousness.

Sanlaap Shelter runs a Drop In Center or “DIC” in the red light district of Bowbazar. The DIC provides safe haven for the young children of the sex workers, whilst their mothers are servicing clients. These sex workers have been trafficked themselves as young girls and have no other means to earn the money needed to feed and cloth their children. Without the support of the DIC these children are either under the bed or bedside, or even worse, wandering the streets of the district ripe for prey. Please reference my earlier blog “Sanlaap and the Red Light District”

Currently, the DIC can only afford to be open in the daytime hours, which leaves the busiest and most dangerous times in the evening for these children with no supervision.

I continue my commitment to support this cause. If you are interested in helping to fund Sanlaap’s evening drop in center,I am working with  OTM to  raise  funds to cover the cost. The cost of running the evening drop in center is $ 600 per month , which covers rent, teacher salaries, night watchman and some food. We will be making a commitment to cover the next 3 years. The total cost will be $21, 600. I will be re-visiting Sanlaap Shelter again in February 2014. It would be a dream come true to raise the money for this vital cause.

Will you stand with me, to give these children a chance??? I hope the answer is yes.

all donations are tax deductible, please make it out to:


in the memo put: nadine wolff/ sanlaap shelter

my mailing address is

3 the crows nest

port washington ny 11050

Abolish 21st century slavery.

With love and gratitude