in the trenches with Puresa Humanitarian

india10india9india8india7india6india5india4india3india2india9india10Words are simply inadequate to describe the events of this day spent in the trenches of the slums, red light districts ¬†and brothel’s with Giselle and her team from Puresa Humanitarian….all of these situations are extremely tenuous, delicate and life threatening. we stopped at 4 different slums outlined below. prior to this day, i had never been in rescue scenarios, only post care, with the exception of the drop in centers in the red light districts. i seriously do not know how i made it through the day without collapsing, except through the grace of GOD.
1st stop- house of a sex worker to check on her daughter of 9 and her young son. The mom loves her children deeply but realizes that if her daughter remains in the home with her, she will fall into prostitution or be trafficked. She agrees to allow her daughter to come to the safe house at an undisclosed place and time.
2nd stop-  brothel where we met with the madams. there were 4 of them.They are soulless, with no compassion for the girls whatsoever. chances are that all of these madams were trafficked at a young age as well, they are so hardened. no pictures here. my leaders were trying to negotiate with them to let us help 2 young girls that were born there. The girls are 12 and 13, (they say, but they looked much younger to me) and are forced to service men anywhere fron 10-14 times a day.It took a lot of convincing for them to let us meet with the girls, they finally relented. The whole situation utterly surreal and frightening.
3rd stop- a slum under a bridge to take food, flip flops and other supplies to a mom and her 3 daughters. Her 4 th daughter was raped and murdered by a trafficker, her body thrown into a sewer. My leaders carefully speak with the mom ( pimp nearby)to negotiate the terms of rescuing her 3 girls from the same fate. Abject poverty here. Once again words do not suffice .
4th and final stop- China Mandir slum to visit sex workers and try to rescue one of the sex workers daughters, her approximate age is 10. This is an extremely active area, tents every 20 feet with 2-3 foot paths in between.
Again, no adequate words. It was an honor to accompany these unsung heros through the slums and brothels of India. I am alive and so very grateful that I am fortunate enough to help these creatues of GOD in my own small way, who are abused and marginalized in a way that Cannot be comprehended. No human being should ever be for sale.
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